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For each life I have touched, mine has been blessed tenfold. I am so grateful and honored to share with you some of their life stories ~ their challenges and the joy of their soul's evolution.

The experiences of gaining knowledge and sharing wisdom is our greatest gift to each other. If you find hidden treasure from the sharing of others, maybe the experiences of your own journey will not only touch, but change a life as well.


Please go to the Services section and share your own adventures of evolution in the space provided for Questions and/or Comments..


Corrales, NM

       "My name is Judy. In 1997, I was living in Las Cruces, NM. I took a class through the Community College called, Living in the Light. As a person, I have always loved knowledge. I love to improve my life through my life’s experiences. I met Sherie Kennedy as my teacher, and I have never been the same! We had lost our only son, 20 years old, to a tragic car accident, and I knew nothing about that intense grief. It was through her teachings and support and meditations and private healings, that I found myself again after the deep grief and sadness, and even being a victim.  Without her support, I know I would have died young, because I had such a broken heart. Sherie had unconditional love for me. She did not judge me for my brokenness. 

       I was not in a good place and it turned out that I was evolved. I was my only obstacle through my own memory or perception or beliefs I thought were true for me. I had a lot of self-forgiveness to do, and people to forgive.   Through this I learned to have compassion for them and myself. I learned how to set my boundaries and not feel guilt or shame or even obligation. I learned anger, hatred, fear, and jealousy do go back to love. This was all done after the first class I took with Sherie. She also held a healing circle where many attended, and we learned so much in those years, and there were many years. My family and I still go to Sedona to get recharged by Sherie. We have attended her seminars and have had private sessions.  

       As a Hispanic woman growing up in a macho traditional family, I learned to set my boundaries ~ that was the part I loved the most! I learned that I am a perfect, beautiful human being and that there is no other like me. God made only one of me. I learned to take my power back and trust me. Sherie changed my life. I am happy, still beautiful, unique, healthy and caring. I love unconditionally. I still call her for information, some habits are so embedded that I fall in the trap! I have the answers, but through her listening and asking, “Is this true for you?”, then I remember and can figure it out. Sherie gave me the tools I need to stay grounded, and I read her book over and over again I will always be grateful for her love and support. I will forever be grateful to Sherie.”


Tucson, AZ

       “I feel very blessed to have met Sherie and have her be a treasured part of my life. While looking for meaning and understanding of feelings of urgency to learn about the time we're in and my own spiritual awareness, I found a willing and helpful teacher and healer in Sherie.  Her book awakened the ability to become aware of what's going on on other levels of our lives, the spiritual significance we all share, and is a reference for healing on a regular basis.  Like anything worth doing, you get out of it what you put into it and you know in your heart when it's true. It is amazing and inspiring how simple and yet powerful her teachings are.

       I've taken one of her classes and it also helped open my awareness to many wonderful things going on around us now and reminded me of the gracefully kind 'nudges' I've had along the way that I wasn't quite conscious of.  I am grateful beyond words for all the teaching, help and love I've had in my life. It's all connected and it's wonderful to learn that to enjoy life's learning process is a seemingly obvious choice that has been easy to forget.  Even if it seems like a daunting journey to embark upon, the views are worth it; and why not maintain your vehicle along the way. Sherie is here to help and I can't thank her enough.Merci beaucoup Sherie!”


Laguna Beach, CA

       “My life-changing work with Sherie began 10 years ago.  Her concepts/tools are easy and effortless which has given me a most valuable foundation from which to successfully navigate my life.  Her techniques are applicable to all financial, spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental issues. I have yet to encounter any challenge that was not resolved with her tools. 
       I feel truly blessed to have Sherie’s energy and loving spirit as a coach guiding me when necessary and cheering me on for the most part.  Implementing her tools makes it real, makes it kinetic, makes them work.  The result of “walking the talk” is a life filled with  magical, magnificent happenings that matter to me.  Sherie shares from her heart and her intuitive knowing—a treasured gift for me.  Thank you, Sherie!”


Mason, IA

       "I' am Thankful, Grateful, and Honored to have come across paths with Sherie on my Beautiful Journey.  Which at the time was not so beautiful (as what I thought then).  At the time I wanted answers and I wanted them now.  I was searching for a magic pill, something to just take everything away.  I learned quick that Sherie did not have my answers or does anyone else have them for that matter.  It was through Sherie's assistance and guidance that she shared her Knowledge and Wisdom.  By applying the teachings Sherie shares and by daily use of her book "A Tool Book" and her talk shows, I have learned to shift the crystal, my perspective in situations.  I learned that only I had my own answers and that I had choices only I could make, no one else.  Appreciate and embrace the moment with love.

       I now live in the moment, it is what it is and wherever I am at the moment is where I need to be at the moment and I accept and I go with the flow in giving thanks and with gratitude.  As I learn, I grow more and more with each moment.  Its not about the destination, its about the Journey.

       Sherie has so much Knowledge and Wisdom to offer and share but the one thing Sherie offers that makes all the magic happen is her "LOVE" her love is unconditional and without judgement and is understanding and it truly comes from deep within her Beautiful Heart and Soul!  Which means so much to me considering my situations.

       I thank Sherie and all who have come across my Journey. It has brought me to where I am at this present moment.  Without the storms that we experience through out our Journey we would never see Beautiful Rainbows.  Sherie taught me that there is so much more than this life and I agree with Sherie, There is so much more than this life...  We are all Beautiful Unique Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience...Its Amazing when you see it that way :)

       I now share my Love with every Spiritual Being through out the Universe...I will Always be Appreciative, Thankful and Grateful to You Sherie!  From my Heart to Your Heart, I Love You! Thank You! - Namaste


Sedona, AZ

       "I am so excited that Sherie has created a website, reaching out to all who are ready to receive the tools of transformation.  For those of you who have chosen to step through the looking glass, and have found this rare jewel, your lives will never be the same.  I’ve had the honor of working with Sherie for the last three years. It all started with a simple reading, or so I thought. The reading with Sherie touched my life on many levels. Little did I know it would be the beginning of uncovering simple truths that have been veiled to keep us from our knowing. 

       If you are sincere about changing your life, and willing to do the work, Sherie is there for you 100%. I’ve never met anyone who is so committed to helping those who help themselves. And once you’ve started on this path, you will never look back.  Thank you Sherie, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing the precious knowledge, ancient wisdom, and simple truths that you were so committed to bringing into the Light. Thank you for teaching me the tools to remember who I am.  "Love, - Lise


Sedona, AZ

       "My knowledge of Sherie Kennedy spans only a few years and yet it seems like I’ve known her a lifetime. She has certainly had an effect on my entire Life. The changes in my recent life have been rather dramatic and rather creative.  Sherie has helped me through both aspects by simply broadening my awareness. She’s made me much more appreciative of my life than I have ever been before. The concept of her ‘Tools’ becomes practical immediately. What she teaches is the simplicity of living. 

       I was programmed like the rest of us. Sherie has taught me to review my own true experiences, those that we all disregarded because of the programming. I’ve come to realize I’ve known all the stuff she teaches all my life. I just didn’t trust what my Heart was clearly telling me.  Sherie has helped me expand the clarity of my own awareness. Stuff you already know becomes more evident as you weave your way through the maze of your life’s experiences.  Sherie is gifted in the Ancient Ways of thinking. Simply, she will help you awaken to who you really are. The Lady is magical. I thank You, Sherie, and I love you with all my Heart..."

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