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Walk Your Talk - Know Your Truth 

Each of us is a beautiful, radiant, rare, and precious cosmic miracle.  We are as unique as our fingerprints and there are no two alike – EVER. 
Judgments are based on comparisons, and if you are the only one of you there is, what can you possibly compare yourself to that can make you good or bad, or right or wrong.  It is not possible.

Therefore, you cannot make a mistake, you cannot do it wrong – for you.   Your path will always be “wrong” for everyone else, just as theirs will be “wrong” for you.  No matter how similar our “books” may be, we are all learning from a different chapter and how you understand/comprehend that chapter is uniquely yours.

Our higher-self is on our side and the experiences we have – regardless of how they are judged – are literally the easiest way we can get “it”.  And, because spirit is on our side, we will get more than one opportunity.  Be aware that each time we ignore what we have chosen to know, the “book” will become more intense.

Once a decision is made, or a belief is established, it becomes the rule of our action and attitude from then on – regardless of whether we are aware of it or not – until it is recognized and changed (conscious awareness).

When you allow any one of the beliefs/decisions to control you via your lack of awareness, your Spirit will let you know by manifesting illness, injury or pain in that area of the body.  Ask yourself what you are falsely believing about yourself.  Once you have become aware, the need to get your attention is no longer necessary and the pain, illness or injury is eliminated.


The one who pushes your “buttons” the most is your greatest teacher.  Like it or not, they bring out our weaknesses.

Nothing is good or bad, right or wrong – it just is.  It is our judgment that labels it.

How happy are you when your happiness depends on someone else?  If anyone can build you up, they can also tear you down.

Whatever you want, you can have:  first you must decide you want it, give yourself permission to have it, and be willing to learn from it.

The minute you have a thought, the chemistry is produced to carry it out.

We have the power to draw to us all that we need by how we think and what we believe.  The miracle of a seed of corn growing and producing is not that it produces, but that it has the power to attract to it all that it needs to make it produce.  Our minds plant ideas which have the power to attract everything necessary to make it grow, become aware, and achieve all information needed to attain its goal.

To change any situation in your life, you must change your attitude toward it.

If you do not know what the problem, how can you change it?

When a belief is programmed into us, we make things happen to constantly reinforce the belief, regardless whether it is positive or negative.

A belief becomes the rule of action until it is recognized and changed.

Judging is the original sin.  Judgment creates limitations that we place on ourselves.  Judging creates fear, and fear destroys love and understanding of ourselves and others

No matter how hard we judge others, we judge ourselves ten times more.  Absolutes (always, never, etc.) are judgments.  We are NOT all things to all people.

Negative energy is created by judging, it drains your life force (energy level).

Judging is a habit.  Acceptance frees you to experience.  Forgiveness is the key.  Without it, who really pays the price, you or them?

Psychic awareness is information received without judging.

Making a decision is easy, it is following through with the decision that was made that is hard.

Changing a belief that is no longer to your benefit is easy.  What’s hard is changing the habit the old belief created.

If you have difficulty making a decision, it is usually because you do not want to take responsibility, or face the consequences, for your own actions and beliefs

There is a difference between something being to your highest good and having your own way.

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