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Keep Your Power ~ Meet Your Own Needs

Anytime you blame, defend, explain, justify or rationalize your actions/choices you are giving your power away and are being controlled and manipulated.  All you can do is share – your perceptions, your experiences, and your truths.  No one else can think your thoughts or feel your feelings.  No one else has lived your lives and the closest anyone can come to an understanding of your experience is if they have experienced something similar and even then it’s entirely different.

When you give someone else the power to make you happy, you also give them the power to make you miserable.  Whatever you want from another person you must first give to yourself.  You cannot receive what you do not have or feel worthy of having.  The degree to which you give yourself love, attention, acceptance, worth, value, joy, approval, happiness, etc., determines the degree you are able to receive it from someone else.  Another may be giving you 100%, but if you are only giving/allowing yourself 25%, all you can receive from what they offer is 25%.  You cannot receive more than you possess. 


The miracle that occurs when you give it to yourself is that you no longer need it from another.  You are no longer manipulated by what you think you’ll get if you try to live up to someone else’s expectations of who they think you should be.  You become free to be who you are – a beautiful, uniquely rare and precious cosmic miracle.


Our job is WHAT, God’s job is HOW.  When we hold and focus on our vision of what we want to create in our lives, while paying attention to the opportunities that present themselves to us, miracles begin to happen in the most amazing ways.  When we decide what we want then spend our time and energy trying to make it happen we end up “pushing the river”.  We do this, then that, then something else and end up going off on so many tangents we forget the original what.  We have gotten so lost in the how that we eventually decide we aren’t worthy or can’t have the what and just give up and start the process all over again.

Thought creates.  Thought gives form to possibilities.  The longer your hold the vision of what you want to experience in your life with faith and expectancy the easier and faster it manifests.  It’s like the difference between a blurry, out of focus picture and a clear, sharp in focus picture.  If you spend all your time trying to get the camera set just right,  you miss the picture when all you needed to do was take the picture.

Everything that is began as a thought/vision/concept, just as everything you experience in your life is a manifestation of all the thoughts you have held throughout your life – positive or negative. 


To change your life – change your thoughts - it has to begin where it is created. 


One of the best ways to change your thoughts is to learn to verbalize in first person, present.  I am, it is, etc.  The only place/time you have any power is in this moment.  The past is done and the future isn’t here yet, all you have is now.  As you stay focused in the now it creates your future different.  If you stay focused in what has been you just keep recreating it.

Give thanks for everything you want whether you have it in this moment or not.  As you give thanks in this moment, where you have all the power, you are focusing on the what.  We have all heard the saying, “ask believing you have received”  which simply means giving thanks.  When you “ask” for something in your life it gets all tangled up with worth and value, reward and punishment.  So just give thanks for what you want and give yourself permission to have it.

There is nothing to DO, simply BE:


(*a unique, rare, and precious, cosmic miracle)

You do without doing, and the doing gets done.

When you defend, blame, explain, justify or rationalize your thoughts, feelings, actions, you are trying to get your needs met outside yourself.  You’re the only one who can meet your needs, because you’re the only one who knows what they are. All you can ever do is share your experiences with another.

When you experience struggle, strife, conflict, resistance, or pain, you are functioning under a false belief and are living in the past or the future.

You cannot get past where you are until you see where you are – by allowing and accepting what is, instead of what you want it to be. Learn to ask for what you need.  When you are thirsty, you ask for a drink of water.  When you need approval, acceptance, a hug, etc., it is OK to ask for it. Fear of being rejected created self defeating behaviors.  All you have to do is accept, forgive, and release.

Fear kills faith, and faith kills fear.  If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains (illness, money problems, fear, etc.).  Are you functioning in fear or faith?

"What will people think?” stems from our need for acceptance, approval, and taking responsibility for someone else.


Be aware of your actions, do not live another’s life.  Live your own and live it your way.

You are the most important thing you possess.

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