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Rev. Sherie Kennedy, Metaphysician 

Sherie is a gifted healer, teacher, and counselor, with a mission to assist in the spiritual empowerment and enlightenment of people everywhere. Addressing issues about belief systems, physical manifestations of dis-ease, and the way we communicate, Sherie guides the way to personal knowledge of your own truths with her unique understanding of what it means to be consciously aware.

In addition to studying ancient ways, metaphysical philosophies, and New Age theories, she has devoted her life to learning the tools and techniques of numerous healing methods, and now utilizes all she knows to assist others.  Sherie is also an ordained Minister of Ancient Ways.


The experience of writing her book, “A TOOL BOOK: Assisting Conscious Awareness”, led to the creation of her original class, “Living in the Light” in 1992, which has assisted hundreds of people in changing their lives by “doing it different”.

Prior to her move to Sedona in the summer of 2002, she created “Sherie’s Place: A Healing Arts Center” in Las Cruces, NM, providing a sacred place for support, learning, and fun.  Sherie also authored a popular “New Age” column for the Las Cruces Sun News for two years, sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the general public.

As a healer, her diverse qualifications not only permit her to do what she does, it is essential to who she is. Sherie will use whatever modality is needed to effect a healing.  It is the degree of the imbalance and where it originates that determines technique or method utilized, as well as the number of sessions necessary.


Aches, pains, accident, injury illness, dis-ease, and unusual behavior (for you) are all ways your Self is telling you that what you are thinking or believing is no longer to your highest good.  Energy healing is a process that balances the physical and spiritual bodies energetically.


The following poems were written by Sherie's 23 year old self...  Enjoy!



Be brave, my child, in the face of fear

for all that you need is with you here.


Be always kind with those you meet

for some have only known defeat.


Be giving to those who have less than you

for love and kindness are scarce, not new.


Be understanding when others don't agree

for a right to opinion, from all, is free.


Be loving, my child, to all of mankind

for brothers and sisters in each you will find.


Be proud at all times of who you are,

a child of God, a bright shinning star.


Be forgiving of those who judge and condemn

for you, yourself, have quite judging been.


Be honest in all you say and do

then all can respect and know the real you.


Be strong in your belief of wrong and right

tho some won't agree, and may want to fight.


Be always the best that you can be

then God in your heart all others can see.


 Be always believing that God is there

in a time of need or to just hear a prayer.

                                   - Sherie Kennedy



Growing up just doesn't mean

making it through the years as a teen.


The process involves much more than you

think and it doesn't mean taking your first drink


Some get married and think they are grown

while others feel it's being on their own.


 Don't get caught up in this trap of untruth

for growing up isn't losing your youth,


nor is it becoming old and gray.

Growing up is simply knowing your way


of having a goal in which to aim and

understanding that at times there'll be pain.


And knowing also there'll be much joy

in growing to a man from a little boy.

                                                   - Sherie Kennedy

Growing Up



Our children are a gift, specially sent

for they chose the parents to

whom they went.


It mattered not if you were fat or thin

for they could see you

and what was within.


Each little angel has their say

of where to go and how long to stay.


Some must go for a lesson to teach

while others must find the people to reach.


So each of us have had at one time

this chance to see and make up our mind,


of where we wanted to be sent,

and how much time we would be lent.


Though when we're born, we can't recall

or remember this time at all.


And no matter what you say,

you picked your parents on that day


the Lord consented to your leaving

and you then became a human being.


                                    - Sherie Kennedy


How many people do you know who can say

"I really like myself this way,


the way God made me, just as I am?"

I really don't know many who can.


And it's so much of a pity to see

so many people who still aren't free.


But when self-worth you begin to feel,

you'll start to see the things that are real.


For playing games and pretending won't bring

the beautiful life of which we dream.


So when you start liking yourself it will show

for your whole being will begin to glow.


Now you might feel that what I'm saying

is just another game we're playing,


but just listen for I haven't lied.

Liking yourself has to begin inside.


And once you become your own best friend,

you'll never have to be alone again.


Then you'll know what it means to say,

"I really like myself this way!"

                                       - Sherie Kennedy

Self Love




I woke up this morning and saw

the sun smile.

So I laid back and for a while


I thought of the things that have

happened to me

and how much differently they could be.


Then all at once, I really saw

the changes made, I saw them all.


And I know now, from the feeling within

that I could never go back to what I've been.


It took going through all of that

to get me where I now am at.


For I love me and now I can say,

just let me grow, it's the only way


to know my heart and begin to see

how beautiful life can really be.


                                      - Sherie Kennedy



We're given our life and then we're born,

bit in a few years we're tattered and torn.

For we grew up way too fast

and wonder at times how long it'll last.

Yet life isn't just sorrow and pain,

we can find joy just watching it rain.

We each decide our own destiny

through most of it's done unknowingly.

By the things we're told of wrong or right

and by the things we fear throughout the night.

By how we've been hurt and how we've been loved

and how much we believed in someone above.

Our lives will be happy or sad

by what we believe to be good or bad.

Our selves, our principles, or each other,

what really is true just doesn't matter

for our lives will be of our own belief,

'cause the power we have of happiness of grief.

                                                          - Sherie Kennedy

Growing Up

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