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The following information describes each chakra, its purpose, location and the duality of its function – spiritually and physically. 


The heart and high heart chakras are the bridge between the physical and spiritual bodies.  The first three chakras deal with the physical body, the upper chakras deal with the spiritual body. 


The hands, knees and feet are the secondary chakras, equivalent to a back-up system. 


Location:  At base of spine   Element:  Earth
Color:  Red      Kingdom:  Mineral
Tone:  C      Gift:  Intuition
Sense:  Smell     Power:  I have
Stone:  Bloodstone, Hematite  Blocked by:  Fear


Physical:  ADRENAL GLANDS, lower digestive tract.  Controls all solid parts (spinal column, bones, teeth, nails), anus rectum, colon, prostate gland, blood and building of cells.  Foods:  beets, cherries, red cabbage, red chili and peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon.


Functions/Qualities:  Full acceptance of life on Earth – survival, power to achieve goals.  Vitality, presence, confidence, grounding, satisfaction, material security, stability, stillness, courage, primal trust.


Location:  1" below navel   Element:  Water
Color:  Orange     Kingdom:  Plant
Tone:  D      Gift:  Clairsentience
Sense:  Taste     Power:  I feel
Stone:  Carnelian, Moonstone  Blocked by:  Guilt


Physical:  REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS, sexual glands.  Controls pelvic area, potency, fluid functions, kidneys, bladder.  Foods:  apricots, carrots, oranges, peaches, pumpkin, tangerines, yams, sweet potatoes.


Functions/Qualities:  Sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, desire, pleasure, awe, enthusiasm, procreation, relationships, union with nature, openness to others, personal creativity, primal feelings.


Location:  at the solar-plexus  Element:  Fire
Color:  Yellow     Kingdom:  Animal
Tone: E     Gift:  Intuition
Sense:  Sight     Power:  I can
Stone:  Tiger Eye, Citrine   Blocked by:  Shame


Physical:  PANCREAS, upper digestive tract.  Controls liver, digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, lower back and muscles.  Foods:  bananas, corn, eggs, grapefruit, lemons, yellow peppers.


Function/Qualities: Personal power, social identity, self-image, influence, accomplishment, self-control, authority, energy will, peace, radiance, joy, inner harmony, strength, action, vitality, self-acceptance.  It is the distribution point for psychic energies, also known as the belly-brain.


Location: center of chest    Element:  Air
Color:  Green     Kingdom:  Human
Tone:  F      Gift:  Empathy
Sense:  Touch     Power:  I love
Stone:  Rose Quartz, Moldavite   Blocked by:  Grief


Physical:  HEART, circulatory system.  Controls lower lungs, rib cage, skin, hands upper back, and heart.  Foods:  avocado, green beans, broccoli, green chili and peppers, lettuce, okra, olives, peas, spinach, zucchini, cucumber.


Function/Qualities:  Love, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, harmony, understanding, transformation, warmth, sincerity, surrender.


Location: between heart & throat  Element:  Air
Color:  Aquamarine     Kingdom:  Human
Tone:  F      Gift:  Telepathy
Sense:  Touch     Power:  I
Stone:  Aquamarine, Turquoise   Blocked by:  Judgment


Physical:  THYMUS gland, immune system.  Foods: all blue and green foods.


Function/Qualities:  Universal (unconditional) love, brotherhood, peacefulness, connectedness to all life.


Location:  at the throat    Element:  Ethereal
Color:  Blue      Kingdom:  Angels
Tone:  G      Gift:  Clairaudience
Sense:  Sound (truth)    Power:  I speak/listen
Stone:  Lapis, Blue Lace Agate   Blocked by:  Lies/untruths


Physical:  THYROID gland, throat, ears.  Controls jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, nape of neck, arms.  Foods:  asparagus, blueberries, plums, potatoes.


Function/Qualities:  Communication, spontaneity, speaking and hearing truth, creative self-expression, inspiration, confidence, integrity, wisdom, freedom, independence, access to subtler levels of being.


Location:  at temples    Element:  Ethereal
Color:  Magenta     Kingdom:  Archangels
Tone: A      Gift: Insight
Sense:  Light     Power:  I perceive
Stone:      Blocked by:  Illusion


Physical: N/A      Foods:  N/A


Functions/Qualities:  Ability to see beyond the illusion to the truth of what is.


Location:  middle of forehead   Element:  Ethereal
Color:  Indigo     Kingdom:  Archangels
Tone:  A      Gift:  Clairvoyance
Sense:  Light     Power:  I see
Stone:  Amethyst     Blocked by:  Illusion


Physical:  PITUITARY gland, energy body.  Controls endocrine system, left brain hemisphere, left eye, nose, ears, sinuses, and parts of nervous system.  Foods:  both blue and violet.


Function/Qualities:  Wisdom, discernment, spiritual vision, intuition, insight, imagination, inner vision, idealism, concentration peace of mind, projection of will, manifestation.


Location:  top of head    Element:  Ethereal
Color:  Violet     Kingdom:  Creator
Tone:  B      Gift:  Cosmic Consciousness
Sense:  Thought     Power:  I know
Stone:  Clear Quartz    Blocked by:  Earthly attachments


Physical:  PINEAL gland, brain/mind.  Control cerebrum, right brain hemisphere, right eye, central nervous system.  Foods:  beet tops, blackberries, eggplant, purple broccoli, purple grapes.


Function/Qualities:  Higher Self, spirituality, perfection, divine wisdom and purpose, integration/unity with the Creator, universal consciousness, bliss, enlightenment.


Specific and unique to each person.

Hands: These are the chakras for healing energy and the seat of creativity.


Knees:  Movement and stability is the purpose and function of these chakras.


Feet:  These chakras keep you grounded and connected to the Earth.


Cords are requests for attention and a need for energy.  They can also be painful and/or uncomfortable at best.  We will plug our cords into others and they will plug into us.  However, no one can plug into another without permission on some level. 


Cords indicate that we are feeding on another's energy, or they are feeding on ours.  As you look at the functions/qualities of each of the chakras it will give you an indication of what someone is wanting from you or what you want from them.  When you visualize your chakras and see cords, you will know if it is from you or to you.  If unsure, ask your angel/guides.   Remember, whatever you want from another is a "red flag" that you are not giving it to yourself.


ALL CORDS MUST BE REMOVED and there is a specific way to accomplish that.  Sometimes a cord will have hooks so before you remove any cord, check for the hooks and release them before you unplug it.    


Pulling a cord is literally like pulling a plug from a socket.  The difference is that when you pull the cord, while still holding it you say, "I lovingly release you to your own highest good", then hand the cord to your angel/guide.  Once removed, just check for any tears or rips that may have occurred and repair as needed.


It's always a good practice to create the habit of checking and aligning your chakras each time you are in your Center.  The more you stay in balance, the quicker you will recognize when you are not.  Additionally, as you feel your body shifting as a result of your efforts you will trust and utilize the process to your highest and greatest good even more.

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