Listen to Your Body


The five levels of awareness and balance are:


Mental – what you think about yourself.


Financial – how you feel about money.


Social – where is your security.


 Physical – how you feel about your appearance.


Spiritual – what is your relationship with your creator.


Defending yourself creates a state of emergency, causing a reaction, creating energy.  If that energy is not used or released, it causes sickness, pain and/or unusual behavior.


Each person carries enough germs in their mouths to destroy the Phoenix metropolitan area.  Therefore, our bodies have the ability to resist any disease or illness.


If you really believe something, why do you have to defend it?


A thought becomes mobilized, unreleased energy when thought but not carried out.  This unreleased energy is dissipated through sickness or awareness.


If you do not go into the “sick cycle”, you will experience unusual behavior – for you.


If you are sick, you are judging.  Resentment is re-energizing a hurt.

If you experience conflict, struggle, resistance or pain, you are out of balance.  Change how you perceive a situation and eliminate the negative.


When you are trying to be like someone else, you are resisting your own perfection.  Why would you want to be like anyone else when you are already unique?


When you claim your power, you will be critized by friends and family because they can no longer control you.


We are each perfect in and of ourselves, and are always perfect for any specific time, place, and/or situation.


It is not important why something is happening to you, only what you are being taught by the experience.

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