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Assisting Conscious Awareness"

Because you already know what you want to do different in your life !!!

“A Tool Book” shows you how to create and manifest the changes you desire. Using the simple and easy tools and techniques offered, you now have the opportunity to experience a new approach to managing your life:

  • Better relationships with people you love

  • Relief from stress and depression

  • Living in the moment

  • Conscious connection to your Higher Self

  • Honoring your wisdom and individual uniqueness

  • Trusting and valuing Self

  • Improved health and well-being

  • Greater joy, love, peace, confidence and

Book Reviews from:

"Become Aware! Fortunately, I've had the pleasure of attending Sherie's class, Living in the Light. The Tool Book is an uncomplicated read that spells out exactly how to face life and it's "situations". It has been a life-saver and guided me to my own belief system! Sherie has done a great job of breaking down her class into an easy-to-read tool. Enjoy!"


Kay Sanders

"An indispensable reference book for seekers on the spiritual path.I have found this book worthy of keeping with me to refer to on almost any unfathomable situation that presents itself. I highly recommend it."

 M. Chappell

"Filled with vital tools for navigation in this life.Excellent road map for anyone in search of spiritual development with practical, real-world tips. In developing any aspect of life, we all must begin somewhere. This book provides anyone of any level with an excellent starting point. "


Avid Reader 

"You are seeking an answer to something. Otherwise, why would you consider a book entitled, A Tool Book? Using the guidance given in A Tool Book, I have experienced: (1)Relief from pain that two back surgeries could not resolve. (2) Release from the post traumatic stress of a car accident that had me trapped in fear and anxiety for 40 years. (3) The best health I have known in years--no more insomnia and a host of other conditions have disappeared along with an emotional strength I never knew existed. (4)Increased manifestation of my dreams--from ocean view housing when appearances said otherwise to living a lifestyle that answers to my heart rather than society's conditioning and programming.


I have never studied anything like Sherie's technique, the Triple "A" Method--Acknowledge, Accept and Allow. It works so fast. I have had piercing pain in my gums subside in minutes. I have been able to carry a suitcase up two flights of stairs after suffering all day with debilitating hip pain. I have relaxed and gone to sleep after nights of insomnia. How? Practicing what Sherie Kennedy teaches in A Tool Book.I encourage you to read, digest and implement what Sherie Kennedy has spent years to share with you. I am confident you will be rewarded with a life and well-being that has you shouting from the rooftops.


Book Reviews from Barns & Noble:

Anonymous  PhenomenalInsight


This book really puts into perspective the way the language we use and our social conditioning affects and effects our mental and physical health. A valuable resource to have for consistent reference on how to change those patterns and take your power in life back!

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