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Charge of Emotion

Anytime we feel a threat, real or imagined, our bodies automatically release the energy that will allow us to respond to that threat.  This triggers our Survival Mechanism, the “fight or flight syndrome”, and is as automatic as breathing.  The degree of our perceived threat determines the amount of energy released in the body to give us the ability to either fight or run.


The threat is tied to our beliefs and judgments, which trigger the emotion of the reaction.  This is called the “charge of the emotion” and keeps the body in a state of imbalance until the energy is used or released.  The body seeks balance and will automatically balance itself through accident, injury, illness, disease or unusual behavior (for you), or through conscious awareness, love and understanding.  Releasing the charge of the emotion brings your body back into balance and allows you to control the emotion instead of it controlling you.  Do not confuse the action of an emotion with the feeling of an emotion, there is a great difference.

The tool for releasing the charge of an emotion is:


ACKNOWLEDGE what you feel – “I feel ______”.


ALLOW your body to feel the adrenalin and let it go.


ACCEPT that it’s OK to feel what you feel without

making the feeling good/bad, right/wrong - it just is.

Any experience, situation or circumstance is simply the BOOK you are being taught from.  How you react to it is the lesson (becoming aware of a false belief) you are being given the opportunity to learn.  We don’t get to choose the book, God/Creator/Universe does, what we choose is our reaction to it.


All of the if’s, should’s, could’s and would’s do not count.  If it should have happened it would have happened and since it didn’t it doesn’t matter – all you can deal with is what is - whether you like it or not.


Being in the charge of an emotion is just another way of saying “you got your button pushed”, and buttons are only connected to false beliefs.  It’s only when your body is in balance – out of the charge - that you can become aware of what belief the button is attached to.


The way to find the false belief is to ask self “why”, and the only time the “why” question is valid is when you ask it of self.  Used in any other way it’s about control and manipulation.  If the answer includes “he, she, it, or they”, then ego is responding, not self.  The response to “why” has to be about “I”.


The emotions of hate, anger, fear and resentment (including all adjectives of description) all return to the love (which is the only true emotion) once they have been acknowledged, allowed and accepted.


There are three emotions that will never return to the love as they are designed to trigger the survival mechanism through control and manipulation.  These emotions are:

Guilt – Jealousy – Obligation

They are based in victim consciousness, which is of the illusion and not what is.  No one is a victim!  We have all made the choice to be here and have made spiritual agreements to assist each other’s process of evolution.  Sometimes we are the “good-guy” and sometimes we are the “bad-guy”.  These are the roles we are playing and not who we are. 

When you are in the charge of an emotion (hate, anger, fear, resentment) you must release the charge (Acknowledge what you feel, Allow yourself to feel the emotion, Accept that it is ok to feel the feeling) before you can become aware of the false belief that created the reaction.


A charge is created when an experience, situation or circumstance does not meet our need(s) creating a survival reaction triggered by a false belief.  When we are aware that we are reacting it’s “front door”, when we are not aware that we are reacting it’s “back door”.  (It’s the back door reactions that manifest in the body.)


A survival reaction (real or imagined) releases extra energy (adrenalin) into the body giving you the ability to respond to the perceived threat.  If that energy is not used it becomes held in the body creating an imbalance.  Since the body seeks balance, if you do not balance through conscious awareness, the body will balance itself through accident, injury, illness, disease or unusual behavior for you.


OK, so you goofed.  Feeling guilty will not change what has happened.  Just say “oops” and go on.

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