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Meditation and Your Center

Meditation is a conscious and aware state of mind taking you to the place within where we create and change our reality and our experiences.  Meditation is easy and simple and because people tend to negate simplicity many feel it is ineffective.  Actually, the easier something is to do, the more effective the results.  What makes things hard is the unknown and when we experience something new we tend to use other people's experiences to validate our own.  "Am I doing it right?"  "I didn't experience what you did?"  "I didn't see any colors or images."  When those experiences differ, we doubt our own abilities and give up without realizing that the experience is as unique to each person as their individuality.


Although everyone learns the same basic technique in the beginning, each person eventually develops their own style.  If you have been taught to meditate different from what I describe and it works for you, please continue doing it your way, unless this method works better than what you are already doing.  Also, feel free to integrate any of the tools and techniques I describe into your own method.  How you do it is not nearly as important as doing it as meditation allows the conscious communication between the body, mind and spirit.

When you get ready to meditate, especially in the beginning, allow yourself plenty of time and eliminate all distractions.  Turn off the phones and TV, and find a comfortable place where you can relax without any interruptions.  Sit upright in a comfortable chair with both feet on the floor, loosen or remove any restrictive clothing and find a comfortable position.  Once you become familiar and comfortable with the process you may chose to recline or lay down, listen to music designed for meditations, and increase/decrease your time beyond twenty minutes. 


Before you begin any "inner work", surround yourself with the white light creating an invisible shield of protection against negative energies floating around in the energy field.  Whether you can see them with your eyes or feel them with your hands, know they exist and protect yourself.   Also, know that you will not be able to achieve or function at this level of mind if you desire to bring harm to yourself or others.  All things are possible at this level of mind and playing pretend is the key to going within.  The more you feel you are making it up, the more real it is, so play pretend. 


Seemingly, the biggest challenge of meditation is eliminating the mind chatter that hinders the ability to focus.  That is Ego in action and easy to resolve to play pretend.  We are so serious and so focused on doing we have forgotten how to be.  We focus on the destination instead of the journey, and the journey is where the fun is.  So, let's play.


I will guide you on this meditation  to create your center, a sacred place within that provides a way to do without doing so the doing gets done.   Simply see it, sense it, feel it, know it is there and it is so.  Knowing that at anytime and as often as you like, you can recreate it.  Logistics, time and space do not exist at this level of mind and the minute you imagine "it", it is there.

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